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Tips & Tricks for Stuning Nails Always! 

A womens hands are one of her best assests, and we inted to help you keep them that way! Here you'll find tips and tricks as well as the hottest trends to spruse up those nails and keep your hands healthy. 

Cuticle Care 

Many people only give their cuticles thought when getting a manicure, but in all reality cuticles are apart of your skin. They require just as much attention as the skin on your face! 

1. Moisturize  

Cuticles are prone to peeling, drying, and flaking. Using a good moistureizer can help nourish and keep them soft. 

Heres a good one from Burts Bees  > 

2. Hands outta your mouth!   

Your mouth isn't the cleanist area, saliva is an enzyme that breaks down skin. Yikes! 

3. Don't try to cutt them yourself

Cutting your cuticles yourself can end porely. Since they are prone to infection, they deserve to be treated with care. Leave it to the pros, we'll take care of you! 

How To Make Your Color Last

1.Opt for A Full Manicure 

A full manicure includes cuticle trimming and pampering needed to help boost the life span of those colorede naills. A color change only provides- well a color change. 

2. Know Your Needs

If your daily life doesn't include heavy lifting, regular polish should cut it. But if you're going to a special event or if youre nails are regularly exposed to stress, go for acrylics. They willl last you twice as long! Speakning of long lasting polish...

3. Gel Polish is your Best Friend 

The easiest way to get super long lasting nail polish is going for a Gel finish. These polishes are designed to last weeks longer than the average nail lacquer. ps: Make sure your salon uses an LED light, it's approved safe for your skin by Stony Brooke University (:

4. A Good Nail Tech

How long your polish will last often depends on who applies it. Technique is key to a long lasting manicure. But don't worry! Our nail artists at Famous Nails are the best and will apply your polish correctly to have them last as long as possible. 

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