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We are committed to your safety 


The staff here at Famous Nails is deeply saddened by the circumstances and have truly missed you all. That is why during our absence we have worked tirelessly to research and develop new safety protocols to ensure our staff- and most importantly our clients- remain healthy while looking fabulous. 


We thank you all for being so patient with us during this difficult time. If you have any questions about what we are doing for the safety of our clients, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us at (509) 532 1834. 

The health and safety of our clients is our number one priority, bellow are temporary guidelines we have decided to implement with recommendations from the CDC:

1) Please wear a mask when entering the salon. 

2) Our lobby area is capacity restrained, therefore, upon arrival, we welcome you to come in and sign in with your name and number before waiting in your car. We will call you when it is your turn to get glamorous. 

3) Remain at least 6-feet apart from all other clients to minimize the chance of contracting or spreading the virus.

4) Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before receiving any service.

5) Minimize the number of guests you bring to your appointment.

6) If you feel ill, have recently had an illness, or have been in contact with others who have been sick please promptly let us know so we can reschedule your appointment. 



Additionally, we have taken these precautions to keep our facilities clean and ready to mitigate any potential spread of the virus

1) Our facility is now limited capacity.

2) We have provided all employees with new masks, gloves, and sanitized tools. We have also installed a barrier at every desk in order to keep our clients and employees a safe distance apart. 

3) Hand sanitizer is available throughout the salon as well as running water and soap.

4) Employees are thoroughly trained to practice frequent sanitation and social distancing guidelines as much as our nail services will allow. 

5) All employees have been instructed to not come to work if sick. All employees who can complete their work at home have been told to do so. 

6) The facility has been deeply sanitized and cleaned prior to reopening. All frequently-touched appliances/destinations (key-boards, card reader, telephone, bathrooms, desks, reception areas, mirrors, chairs, etc) will be disinfected after each use. 

7) All tools, towels, pedicure chairs, and spa bowls will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. 

8) Tools that can be swapped out with disposable options have been. 


While you were gone we gave Famous Nails a little upgrade to fit the new COVID-19 social distancing guidelines outlined by the CDC as well as federal OSHA standards related to COVID-19. 

All spa chairs and desks are now 6 feet apart and fitted with face shields. Your health and safety are our number one priority! 

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